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We are here to help all collectors with their non-warranty repair, and other needs.

Ball watch is the watch trusted by railroad conductors since its origin 1891 with the maximum for accuracy and reliability in time keeping.

Due to its rich history for almost 130 years, Ball has used many different movements, with a variety of different modules, that sometimes it makes difficult to source all the parts, especially for vintage and antique models. However, our sourcing manager, and Swiss trained watchmakers on premises are here to help.

Our Swiss certified watchmakers have over 30 years of experience with all other high end watch brands, including vintage ones, and are ready to work on your timepiece with precision and care.

When it comes for “dressing a watch” with a variety of straps, bracelets, and buckles, with our abundant access to sourcing, we will be happy to assist you with such needs for your favorite Ball watch, or any other high end watch.

Please contact us through a contact link below, or call our office at 727-896-4278 to provide service for your lasting timepiece.